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What is WordPress Gutenberg 5.0 and what are the benefits

Benefits Of WordPress Gutenberg 5.1.1 editor

Benefits Of WordPress Gutenberg 5.1.1 editor

Gutenberg from WordPress 5.0 is the visual editor of the tool to manage WordPress content using blocks in a simple and intuitive way.

If you have a website or blog made in WordPress it is very possible that you have heard or seen messages about the new Gutenberg editor and the expectation generated by such a significant change in the way WordPress content is created.

The traditional and basic edition of the famous CMS is based on a combination of texts and images in the same element that can be enriched through plugins and HTML5 code, and depending on who designs the web can be done by visual editors such as Divi, Elementor, among others or designed from scratch and 100% in HTML5.

Gutenberg of WordPress 5.0 came in a first phase in the form of pluging, so that whoever designs web pages knows its operation, but since December 6, 2018 it was updated with version 5.0 of WordPress, although due to errors in the implementation the final version has not been executed.

The WordPress developers detected the need of the market to have a CMS tool (Content Management System) without having to resort to external visual editors, for this reason we believe that Gutenberg will become the most used visual editor in a short space of time .

It is important to emphasize that the old version of WordPress will not disappear and therefore the implementation of Gutenberg is not mandatory, it can be used as pluging.

When representing such a relevant change within this CMS manager, the update to this version (WordPress 5.0) is advisable to do it in a testing environment to avoid errors in the existing web.

The blocks used in Gutenberg are made up of different elements: texts, images, headers, lists, videos, widgets, among many others. In this way it facilitates the integration of these features that make up the web design.

The main utility or benefit of this version for those who design web pages is its ease and versatility without necessarily knowing programming by adding blocks according to the needs or style of the web that is intended to be designed.

If you have the service of specialists in web maintenance of your site created in WordPress you will not have to worry, they will know how and when to perform the corresponding update.


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