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Launch Your Project with WordPress in 2019: Case Study SeductorNatural.com

Launch Your Project with WordPress in 2019: Case Study SeductorNatural.com

Hello such, I hope you have an excellent day.

In today’s article, I’m going to show a video where I introduce myself.

I’m Md Mehedi Hasan, a digital business entrepreneur, and I build all my sites with WordPress.

If you do not have time to watch the video, just keep reading …

In WPavanzado you will learn everything related to WordPress and generate more sales with your website.

My name is Md Mehedi Hasan and I started doing business on the internet in 2005.

I have developed all my business with the WordPress platform. At that time there was no information in Spanish. I had to learn about WordPress in English. In 2005 there was not a community as big as there is now and it was difficult to make a website with WordPress. You had to have basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP to be able to make modifications to a WordPress template and achieve the style that you like most for your website.

Launch Your Project with WordPress in 2019: Case Study SeductorNatural.com

I’m not a programmer and WordPress helps you make your website without technical knowledge.

WordPress is an open source project. What this means to you is that you can use the software for free. With an open source project, the community of developers and people collaborating on the project becomes very large creating free and paid products and services to help the WordPress project (in this case) grow.

WordPress has a lot of flexibility so that you can create your website easily and quickly. WordPress has a very large community of programmers, who share templates and free plugins that make creating an easy and systematic website.

WordPress in 2018 has a lot of community support with plugins and themes.

You’re lucky! WordPress has grown so much, that the resources you have at your disposal make your website created with WordPress very powerful. Integrating WordPress with the world of social networks and apps is a matter of several clicks.

You can create all kinds of businesses and websites with the variety of WordPress integration with other services and Apps. You can create e-commerce sites, sites where users upload their own content, such as videos and photos. Even with WordPress you can create your own social network dedicated to lovers of Classic Cars or the theme you prefer.

WordPress is the most used platform to make websites.

WordPress is used by 30% of the internet! Millions of sites were built with WordPress. Many of the sites you visit and love are built on WordPress. This is because of the flexibility of the platform and the broad support of the community (developers, designers, writers, marketers and more).

More Sales of your Products and Services

You can sell digital, physical products, services, consulting and more.

On the internet you can sell various products that fall into these categories here above. You have to have your website to give valuable content and explain what they will receive when they buy your product or service. WordPress helps you shape your message on the internet.

Launch Your Project with WordPress in 2019: Case Study SeductorNatural.com

Is it possible to launch your project with WP?

A business that launched in 2007 in the market “how to seduce a woman”.

Next I am going to present my project called Natural Seducer. I already sold the business and you can only see it on Archive.org in the link below.

Natural Seductor was built with WordPress

On the internet it is sold with information and valuable content, to help solve a person’s problem.

The problem that the market has:

How do I talk to an unknown woman that I like?

Answer: Change of mentality to my readers. “Women want you to talk to them and introduce yourself in an intelligent way and tell them Hello.”

This is how you can monetize your knowledge or sell your product or service from the internet.

What Jaime and I Have Prepared for you in WPavanzado

This is a small advance of what we have prepared for you. In future emails or articles on the blog we will discuss our plans in more detail, but this is a preview of what you can expect from WPavanzado.

  • Tutorials, guides and tips on the blog to teach you how to use WordPress.
  • New videos on YouTube and on the Facebook Page.
  • New products and services related to WordPress that will help you get the most out of WordPress.
  • Special Reports and Series of Electronic Mail only for Subscribers by email.

Our vision for W Advance is this:

Launch Your Project with WordPress in 2019: Case Study SeductorNatural.com

Be The Best WordPress Information Site in English.

This is our vision and we want to invite you to subscribe to our mailing list, YouTube channel, to learn all about WordPress and Advanced techniques of how to monetize your website.

Please comment below to suggest what problems you have with WordPress to help you in the best way with content or services that can help you solve your problems by creating your empire on the internet with the help of WordPress.

Thanks, and we are in contact, 
Md Mehedi Hasan


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