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How to Work From Home on the Internet: Offers Services

How to Work From Home on the Internet: Offers Services

How to Work From Home on the Internet: Offers Services

Working at home is 100% possible. And although the term has lost credibility because of the large number of products and people who promise wealth on the Internet without effort or work, we can find many business models that allow us to operate and generate income independently with a laptop and Internet connection.

In this post we will analyze how to work from home offering freelance services with a blog as the central part of the promotion and positioning.

There are many skills that have a high demand on the Internet. From translations to programming and website creation.

The secret weapon to get more clients and work from home: Your blog

As we have already seen in another article, the benefits of creating a blog are excellent and unmatched.

Content is one of the best assets on the Web and with an active blog you can attract a lot of people interested in your freelance services.

In addition to this, a blog positions you as an expert in your niche, demonstrates your experience, knowledge and what you can contribute to the person concerned. It’s a very quick way to build trust with new readers with potential to be customers.

Of course, it is important to create a plan and a strategy, since publishing content on its own is not going to cause that positive effect that every freelancer seeks.

Work from home – Blogging strategies to increase freelance clients

I present some of the best blogging strategies to increase your freelance clients.

Analyze your current situation and which ones are best suited to what you need, your way of working and the time you have to implement them.

1. Detect the main frustrations and problems in your market (and write about it)

If you know your market, most likely you have a very good idea of ​​what are the main frustrations and problems that have the people who comprise it.

We can call them in another way, for example, obstacles, concerns, requests, etc.

Example: If I dedicate to offer services of creation of virtual stores, I know that one of the biggest frustrations of the people who manage eCommerce sites is all the time it takes to manage the store, which can be a great distraction and obstacle to focus in other more important tasks.

Based on this, I write on the blog some tips to improve the administration of Woocommerce to save time and be more effective (and obviously sell more).

If your blog shows solutions or tips to solve frustrations, problems or obstacles that people have to get what they want, your credibility and confidence will increase immediately, something that greatly increases the possibility of getting new customers.

2. Show your knowledge and talk about trends

When you publish quality information on your blog, you show that you know about the subject, that you have experience and that you are always up to date with the most important trends and news.

All this is achieved by combining quality content frequently in publication.

You do not have to publish daily, with two or three detailed and quality articles per week, you will have a very good basis to demonstrate your knowledge and that you are always on top of it and reporting the latest in your topic or niche.

Remember, a blog positions you as an authority on your topic and market.

3. Show proof of your work

What better way to persuade your readers to hire your freelance services than showing proof of what you have done for other clients.

If you offer a website creation service, create a section in your blog where you have listings of all the sites you have created.

If you offer a site translation service, show some parts of texts that you have translated so that readers can see the quality of your work.

If you make mobile apps, show the apps you’ve created.

Testing your work is one of the most powerful ways to build trust, persuade people and acquire new customers.

How to Work From Home on the Internet: Offers Services

4. Uses real and authentic testimonies

Combine the evidence of your work with testimonials from clients that you have had before and you will have even better results.

If you are starting and you are about to get your first client, do not worry, you can focus on your blogging strategy and gradually grow your customers.

I do not recommend inventing or giving false testimonies.

If you already have one, few or many clients, send them an email and ask them to send you a testimony and opinion about your services and work style. If they were satisfied with your work, they will surely accept.

Create a course and sell it (or give it away) on your blog

In addition to offering content on your blog, creating a course, ebook or digital product can give you excellent results not only to get more customers, but also to create a source of income secondary or complementary to freelance services.

Implementing this strategy can be achieved in different ways.

One option is to create a small product, ebook, audio or any other format you want and offer it as an incentive for the readers of your blog to subscribe to your mailing list.

6. Create a newsletter

Creating an email or newsletter list with people interested in your content, in what you do and in what you offer is as important as a blog.

By sending emails on a frequent basis with useful content, tips, offers and messages that add value to your subscribers, customers will be arriving much faster than if you offered your services only to the readers that are coming to your blog.

Your subscribers know you, they know you offer great content and services, so there are many more options to hire you.

Complement the previous point about a free digital product to work as a “hook” or motivation for people to subscribe to your blog.

Use landing pages or pop-ups on your blog with these tools:

Thrive Leads
Convert Pro

7. Offers brief consultancies by Skype

This strategy, in addition to helping to get clients, also works as market research to know more about your prospects and know what they really need.

Offer your readers small and brief consultancies (no more than 20 or 30 minutes) by Skype, where you can give them little “tastes” or tips on how they can solve their problem or how you can help them get what they want.

For example, let’s say that in my freelance business of creating virtual stores I offer a free 25-minute consultancy where I explain to the interested prospect about e-commerce, the advantages of having a virtual store for your business, what is it that you need to start, a small introduction to Woocommerce, a diagram of how your store would look and more information about my service and how it can help you achieve what you want (a virtual store).

In the end, I commented on my virtual store creation service, which includes, how to start and the cost.

In addition to this, I take the time to listen to your wishes, motivations, problems, frustrations and all kinds of information that will help me better understand what you really need and want to achieve or solve.

This is the most important. Understand what your customers want and show that you can give them what they want and / or need. The service is the means by which they will achieve it.

These small consultancies work as sales presentations and at the same time as market research. The conversion rate can be very high if you design a very good presentation and talk genuinely with the prospects.

Extra tips to work from home online

Complement it with freelance portals

In addition to offering freelance services directly on your blog, I also recommend you to sign up for portals and freelance sites such as:

There are many places where there are people actively looking for your services. This is an excellent option if you are starting and need (urgently) your first customers.

Once you are well established, it will be time to give more priority to your blog so that the customer acquisition channel is 100% owned.

One project at a time

When working on the Internet from home, we would all like to have as many customers as possible. The more they arrive, the more money to the bank account.

However, it is important to consider the workload that each new client and project will imply and based on that, decide if it is convenient to accept more clients and for how long.

Accepting several clients at the same time can have a counterproductive effect, especially if you do not have a work team that helps you or does not delegate any type of task. It is very easy to get distracted, lose focus, procrastinate and forget important details in the deliveries.

Estimate the time that each project will take and based on that, decide whether or not you can take others.

Set deadlines

As when we set goals, setting deadlines when working with freelance clients is important.

This gives clarity to you and your client, they know when everything has to be finished, it lets you know how many hours work per day or week and prioritize.

A logical but important to mention.

Various sources of income

Finally, if you are starting and slowly see the clients, I recommend you try some source of extra income. A blog allows you to use various income sources and business models on the Internet.

Without taking priority and focus to offer your freelance services, you can for example insert Google Adsense ads, offer a digital product (as we had already seen), promote affiliate products, create another blog in another niche and use any monetization model or any another online model

I do not say that you forget the freelance part, rather, the objective would be to complement it and generate passive income in other ways to help you in what little by little you are growing and getting clients.

Now yes, you have in your possession an excellent list of strategies and tips that will allow you to use your blog to grow your freelance services business.


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