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How to Create a Fixed Widget in the Sidebar of WordPress

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How to Create a Fixed Widget in the Sidebar of WordPress

One of the most recently used trends in blogging and marketing is the use of a fixed widget when a user is browsing and consuming content. In this same blog I have been testing with this strategy and I have noticed good results in terms of clicks and conversions.

A fixed Widget is noticed and attracts much more attention from users, which helps to have more clicks, conversions and helps to meet email marketing or sales objectives.

How to create a Fixed Widget in WordPress?

There is a very simple way to add a fixed widget in your WordPress blog to use it in different sidebars. It consists of a plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget, which when installed adds the option the configuration of the widgets to select if you want it to be fixed or not.


Once installed, go to Appearance> Widgets. Select and expand the widget you want to be fixed; at the bottom you will see a box that says Fixed Widget.


I recommend that the widget you choose as fixed be the last one in your sidebar, otherwise when you scroll down it will be overlaid with the others for a few moments.

The Widget also includes a panel of configuration options to modify some aspects of the plugin, which is very simple and works excellently in any WordPress template.


You can also have 2 or more fixed widgets (remember that they are the last ones).


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