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How to access the WordPress desktop

How to access the WordPress desktop

How to access the WordPress desktop


To start blogging or developing a website in WordPress CMS, we need to access our desktop or control panel, in this tutorial you will learn how to access your WordPress administrator area.

What you will need

Before starting with this guide, you will need the following:

  • WordPress CMS installed
  • WordPress administrator login data

Step 1 – Locate the WordPress desktop

If you have installed WordPress in the root of your domain (in the public_html folder of your hosting account), to access the WordPress Administration Area you must use this link: tudominio.com/wp-admin

Step 2 – Access the WordPress desktop

Now, to access the WordPress administrator area, you must login (Login):

  • WordPress username : the username you set when you were installing WordPress.
  • WordPress password: the password you set when you installed WordPress.

If you entered the required information, press Access (Login).

How to access the WordPress desktop

Step 3 – Solution of access problems

Sometimes, administrators experience several problems when trying to access the WordPress admin panel. Below you can find the most frequent problems and their solutions:

Use an incorrect password

If you entered the correct email address during the WordPress installation, simply click on the Forgot your password link located below the login form, enter your username or email address and you will receive a new password.

Do not worry if you can not reset the WordPress password through a reminder email. Another way to reset it is to manually change the user_pass field using phpMyAdmin. Watch this tutorial for detailed instructions .

Use an incorrect username

Like the password, the user name of the administrator can be easily changed by editing the user_loginfield .


Congratulations, now you can log into the WordPress desktop and create, develop or edit your website and install various plugins and templates.


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