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Guide to Choose a Domain Name 2019

Guide to Choose a Domain Name 2019

Guide to Choose a Domain Name 2019

One of the most important and necessary components to create a web page or a blog in WordPress is to buy a domain. The purchase process is something quick that can be done in a few minutes, what takes more time and effort is to choose the ideal domain name for your project on the Web.

The name you choose is important because it is largely the identity that you will give to your site, as a brand with which your visitors will identify. In this guide you will learn everything you need to choose a good domain that suits your needs and allows you to meet the goals of your blog or page.

Let’s first see the different types of domains you can buy:

Domain Types

Personal – These are the domains that are made up of the name of the person who creates the Web page. They work very well for personal blogs, freelancers’ pages where they show their work and skills or for those who focus all their activity on their own person or personal brand. Example: franciscocampoy.com, juanperez.net, lorenagutierrez.com.

Keywords – Domains that include keywords are good because they help position themselves better in search engines. Although having one of these domains is an advantage in positioning, it is not so decisive.

Many domains with keywords are already taken in most of the niches and if you are looking to buy one, you will most likely have to pay a good amount of money.

Still, there may be good domains with keywords and different variations in different niche markets.

Name – These are the domains that bear the name of a business, company or brand. They work very well for people who have their main activity in the “offline” world and want to have an Internet presence. Ideal for restaurants, stores or new e-commerce adventures.

They also work very well for our products or projects that are going to be developed on the Web.

Branding domain or brand – 

This is used when you want to create a Web page with a new or original name. Many people prefer this option instead of using keywords in their domain.

The “exact-match domains” or domains with keywords (exact or not) usually have a little advantage to position, but this factor has been taken less and less into account by Google to determine the first positions. If you decide to buy a domain with a unique and original name, you can also position it if you make a good SEO strategy.

Examples: mashable.com, twitter.com, businesslandia.com.

Guide to Choose a Domain Name 2019

How to know which one to choose?

The first step in knowing what type of domain you should choose is to identify your main need. If you are going to create a personal blog where you want to make your work known, a domain with your name is the best option; On the contrary, if you are going to create a new e-Book page that you are going to write, it is best if the domain is the name of the book.

Everything depends on what you need. Maybe you can choose more than one type of domain; in these cases, evaluate your objectives well and make the best decision. Remember that once you buy a domain, you can not change it, just buy another and migrate your entire site, which is very tedious, long and complicated.

Tip: No rush, take the time to choose your domain name. It is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.

Guide to Choose a Domain Name 2019

Essential Tips to Choose a Domain

Branding and keywords

It is important to find a balance between branding and keywords in a domain. As we have already seen, you can choose a domain that includes keywords for a better SEO positioning, but it will be of little use if the name ends up being long, difficult to remember and without so much originality.

For example, choosing the domain name “bajardepesosinejercicio.com” could be good because it includes keywords, but in a matter of branding, few people would remember it and it is not memorable.

Try to make your domain short, easy to remember and with attractive words. Google is the best example. The name has nothing to do with the search engines or services offered, however, they are the best known company on the Internet and that dominates the search engine industry.

Remember, keywords help but they are not necessary, much less.

Avoid repeated accents and letters

Although there are some websites with domains that include accents that are very successful, it is more complicated for people to identify and remember them. It is best to avoid its use unless you see it as absolutely necessary.

Also try not to contain repeated letters or that can lend to confusion.

Example: slimming rr apido.com

Do not use words, marks or familiar phrases

If your domain has a word for a product, brand or phrase that is registered or used by another person or company, you may get involved in unpleasant legal problems. Avoid this and choose a unique name that has no relation to something that already exists.

Domain extension

The best thing is that your domain is .COM, since it is the most known extension and the one that users write first in their browsers. If .COM is not available and you think the name is the best and most ideal, try .NET. The .ORG can be used but it is better when it is an organization.

Despite the fact that more and more extensions are coming out, the .COM is still the most recognized and recommended extension for your blog or website.

Use numbers?

Try not to use numbers in your domain. As in all cases, there are exceptions of domains with numbers that have traffic and good positioning, but it is best not to include them.

In short, the ideal domain is a .COM that suits your needs and objectives. Besides that it is easy to remember, short and most important: That you like it!

But remember: all sites are different and each person is different. Something works for someone and for someone else something totally different can work. Apply these tips and adapt them to your preferences and ways of working.

Tools to Choose your Domain

Here are some good tools that will facilitate the entire election process:

1. Domainr

It is an excellent tool to quickly check if the domain you are looking for is available. You can even download the Domainr mobile app to check and buy domains from your smart phone.

Link: https://domainr.com

2. Instant Domain Search

Excellent tool to know immediately if a domain is available and in which extensions you can acquire it.

Link: http://www.instantdomainsearch.com

3. Dot-o-mator

In this site you can create a combination of different keywords automatically. The results can give you very good ideas to choose a good domain quickly.

In two columns you write different words or phrases of domain ideas that you have. At the end you will have a list of good combinations. Simple and with a lot of potential.

Link: http://www.dotomator.com

4. Busta A Name

Another good tool where you write different words or ideas and immediately you will have different combinations that you can use as a domain. Alternate its use with Dot-o-mator and I guarantee that you will have much more clarity and good candidates for your domain.

Link: http://www.bustaname.com

Register your Domain

There are many sites that offer the domain registration service. The ones I recommend most are:

Both are reliable, offer good prices (and coupons), fast registration and good service.

Once you have your domain, remember that you will also need a web hosting service.


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