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6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert

6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert
6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert

6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert

Blogs have grown as one of the main communication, education and information exchange platforms in recent years.

The technology and all the tools we have access to have given us the power to share, express their opinions, show their knowledge and contribute important things to different industries and niche markets.

But are blogs for everyone?

There is a belief in many people that in order to have a successful blog, it is necessary to be a recognized expert on the subject.

And although in fact, many experts use a blog to show their knowledge, experience and experience with very good results, the reality is that anyone, whether or not an expert, can start a blog and be successful.

Breaking the myth of the expert blogger
Blogs are not exclusive for experts in any niche or topic.

Everything depends on the perception of the blogging model and how we think we can make the most of it.

If you have the idea that your blog will be ready until you are a recognized expert with 5 published books, conferences before hundreds of people and a curriculum with careers, masters, doctorates and all kinds of certifications, it is time to change perspective!

We will review in this post because it is not necessary to be an expert to start a blog and how everyone can benefit from blogging to achieve their goals, grow professionally and create successful businesses.

Your knowledge and experience is worth a lot

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Every person in this world is unique and I think that is one of the great wonders of human beings.

Nobody thinks the same way we do, nobody has lived the same as us, nobody has the perception, knowledge and intelligence that we have. This is invaluable when creating a blog.

If we see blogging as a way of expressing and sharing that unique vision and experience that we have, everything becomes very different and the idea of ​​starting to write becomes something much more attractive and appetizing.

What is that message that only you can share with the world? There are many ways to communicate and without a doubt a blog is one of the best.

Blogger Mentalities
Instead of viewing blogs as something only experts can use and take advantage of, let’s review some of the best minds that we can face as new bloggers:

6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert

Continuous learning: When “blogging” we are constantly learning about the subject or niche we are focused on and also about developing skills such as writing, communication and networking.
Capture ideas: Maintaining an active blog implies a certain degree of creativity and generation of ideas for content and forms of monetization.
Improve communication skills: As I mentioned, blogging helps improve communication skills with other bloggers and also with readers. An invaluable skill.
It is better to contribute something to not contribute anything: More clear than water.
A gateway to new opportunities: A blog works to create connections, make alliances, sell more and even find the job of your dreams.
All these mentalities and perspectives on blogs are much more positive and encouraging than the expert’s exclusive theory.

Share while you learn and progress
Something that I find fascinating about blogs and the whole world of publishing is the ability to start, set goals, learn, make progress and at the same time share with the world that progress and that “evolution”.

We can see this example in many blogs nowadays.

The bloggers at the beginning are very different people than what they are 3, 6, 12 or more months later. The development of projects, disciplines and achievement of goals makes us better people in all aspects; With a blog you can show how you have grown and developed knowledge and experience in your niche market.

It works as an honest and transparent way of showing who you are and what you can offer in your industry or topic (of course, as long as it is carried out properly and without lies).

Differentiator of the competition

Something that is also very useful for blogs is that it can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and boost sales of your business.

The most important asset on the Internet is information. Every day, large amounts of links, articles, publications and others are shared on the Web.

What separates great blogs from those that do not receive a single visit? There are many factors, but certainly one of the most important is the quality of the information that is published.

You may not be a recognized expert and still publish excellent content on your blog.

With dedication and the discipline of creating content on a constant basis you can offer a lot of value.

You can not please everyone.
Something that we have to be very clear is that in blogging, as in everyday life, it is impossible to please everyone.

6 Steps Master Plan to Start Your Blog Without Being an Expert

Whether or not you are an expert, there will be people and readers who do not like your blog or the style / form with which you present your content.

This is something normal that you have to accept and not take yourself so seriously.

Do not let it be an obstacle.

Master Plan of Blogging “Anti-Expert”
You already know that it is not necessary to be an expert in your subject to be successful with your blog.

You also learned some of the best blogging mentalities that allow you to “change the chip” and take a new perspective on everything that can be achieved with this web publishing model.

You may still have doubts and wonder if it really is worth creating your own blog without being an expert.

I get it. A blog needs great effort and dedication and you want to be 100% sure that it will be the right decision.

We are going to an “anti-expert” mini blogging plan, that is, steps you can take to start your blog, give it a great boost and take the right path to get excellent results WITHOUT BEING an acknowledged expert. Starting from zeros with what you already know.

We start based on the fact that you have already decided on your market niche or topic. If you want to know more about this, check out:

How to Create a Blog Step by Step in Video
Step 1. Investigate your market and competition
Go to Google and search for keywords related to your topic and market niche. Evaluate the first results, identify the blogs of maximum reference, the leaders who already have the results you are looking for.

Write a list of 5 to 7 of these blogs.

The objective of this first step is to evaluate these sites and think of ways in which you can differentiate yourself from them and offer better content and offers. In addition to this, I recommend seeing this competition not as a threat, rather, as possible alliances and good relationships in the future.

It all depends on the perspective we have ?

Step 2. Read 3 to 5 books on your topic
If you are not an expert, use this very effective strategy.

Select between 3 and 5 books from your niche and read them from start to finish in a maximum of 2 months. Make notes and write everything you learn from each one.

By the end you will know more about your subject than 80% of the people.

In addition to this put into practice everything you learn and write on your blog about it.

You will notice the difference in your knowledge and it will also give you a great impulse to continue learning more and more.

Step 3. Do not look for external validation
The experts have all the recognitions, trajectory and fans.

When we start from scratch without being experts we do not have any of this. Nobody knows us and we must row against the current all the time.

This can be a big obstacle and lack of motivation for many people who just start with their blog.

The best thing you can do is not look for external validation.

Have confidence in yourself, go ahead and you will sooner or later begin to be recognized for your work.

Step 4. Create a content marathon
One of the keys of blogging is to publish quality content. Before starting a blog, I recommend having at least 10 to 15 posts ready to work as the basis for your blog.

Do not publish them all at the same time. Do not publish them one every day either; better 2 or 3 times a week.

Remember that at first you will have almost no traffic and it is better to create link plans and generate traffic.

Part of that content marathon that you are going to make, save it to create posts that can be published in other blogs in your market. Articles as a guest are one of the best strategies to have visits and rapid positioning.

Step # 5 Plan and start future relationships and alliances
If you are just beginning, it may be more complicated to achieve immediate alliances with influential bloggers in your niche.

With alliances, I mean many things. It can be an article as a guest, an exchange of emails, a product as a whole or any other important project.

Think of possible alliances you can make with other bloggers and little by little start to interact with them in their posts. Leave comments that contribute and little by little they will identify you.

When you least expect it, you will be in the perfect position to create alliances that can give you unrivaled benefits.

Step # 6 Be persistent and never stop learning
Creating a blog means never giving up and being constant in all the tasks necessary to achieve the results you are looking for.

Set goals and take action every day.

Not being an expert is excellent news

Now you know.

Not being an expert in your niche or topic is excellent when starting a blog. And although it may be more complicated, the route is more exciting and satisfying.

All tools and resources are available to everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge or experience.

Take advantage of everything the blogging world has to offer to develop projects, let you know and express that message and perspective that only you have.


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